3 Exclusive Products For A Simple And Aesthetic Living

3 Exclusive Products For A Simple And Aesthetic Living

We all love aesthetic things and in order to achieve that we keep searching for more trendy as well as the latest things to keep around us. The word “aesthetic” means beautiful and appealing artistic things, which is why we all want such things in our surroundings. Don’t you want a space where you could have aesthetic yet simple things around you? Simplicity lies in the beauty of the products and the way we involve simplicity in our life is all that makes a difference.

But the question lies, does every aesthetic thing have to be costly? No, a wholesale store like HANDCRAFT presents a wide range of aesthetic products that can add value to your life. Through these products, you can improve your lifestyle and present a great impression in front of people.

Here are some of the trendy and unique products that you can check out!

Jute Planters 

Planters have been a great boon in this era. With the rising concerns about the environment, it is recommended that we all have plants in our surroundings. But it seems impossible when we stay in flats and have offices around. Nowadays people are gaining a fresh perspective that few plants can be kept as a part of their home or decor. While having this great thought in mind, we often mistake our gardening skills for plastic pots and vases which are again harmful to plants. Instead of these pots, you can have your plants in clay pots and place them in jute planters.

A major advantage of having these jute planters is that the material of the planter is itself natural and eco-friendly so these planters would not harm your plants. Also, these planters have a smooth surface which gives out an aesthetic look. These planters are good for plants as they provide a breathable space for plants and keep your space dirt free at the same time. You can check out our amazing collection of Jute Planters on the website.

Another category of planters is wall-hanging jute planters. Wall-hanging jute planters are a great way to keep your plants in one place. These wall hangings have pockets in which you can place a variety of plants altogether. This is one of the effective options when you think of plants in compact space. You can also keep these wall-hanging jute planters in your office or study room as having plants around changes the aura of the room.

Natural Healing Crystal Bracelets 

Crystal bracelets are a great option for gifting but what if you can have the benefits of natural crystals that focuses on balancing your mind, body, and spirit? That sounds terrific, right? Natural crystal bracelets possess some properties that make your life easy and have a proper balance in life. You can wear these crystal bracelets on regular basis or you can gift them to someone.

Gifting these bracelets would signify your thoughtfulness towards them. So if you have any mental health or physical health problems then you can choose the type of bracelet you want. You can check out the collection of Natural Crystal Healing Bracelets according to your needs.

Handwoven Handbags 

Handbags have been one of the important things that we want in today’s era. There are many synthetic bags available in the market but the cost with which these bags are used is way more harmful to our environment. If you are concerned about the rising issue of environmental awareness then don’t worry, we have the best alternative to this problem. 

We have an exclusive collection of handwoven basket bags which are made from natural grass and are completely eco-friendly. These bags are made from Kauna grass which is a reed, available mostly in the eastern side of India. These grass strands are curated and weaved into bags with utmost care. Bags and baskets made from this grass are durable and have a handmade outlook which is the major advantage.

You can have these handbags for your shopping, groceries, or files as well as in any event. These bags are available in various shapes and sizes that you can choose according to your preferences. If you want to gift someone with some cool handbags then you can definitely go through our collection of Handwoven Basket Bags.

Similarly, sling bags and clutches that come under these handwoven bags are pretty trendsetters. If you love carrying sling bags whenever you go out then you can check out our collection of Hand Woven Basket Bags which includes a variety of sling bags. These bags are of small size as compared to handbags with long straps which too are handwoven. These are great options for gifting because of their rusty and trendy outlook. People would love receiving such artistic gifts.


If you have a keen vision towards improvement in lifestyle using simple and aesthetic things, then you can choose these products that would uplift your life on so many levels. Adding these products to your lifestyle would signify your thought process and perspective toward life.

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