Saffron (Kesar)

Indian spices are known for their richness and quality to enhance the flavor of any dish. One of the most sought spices is Saffron or Kesar whose demand is high due to its rich qualities.

Saffron or Kesar is also known as “red gold” and is rare in our country. So to obtain good quality Saffron is always a huge task for anyone.

Origin Of Our Saffron Or Kesar

We obtain our original and premium quality Saffron from the valleys of Kashmir. Saffron is obtained from other parts of the world as well, but Kashmiri Saffron’s quality is UNMATCHED. Although costly, this variety of saffron is known for its quality, aroma, and taste. 

It is rare to find the original quality of Kashmiri Saffron today. Majorly because the production of this spice is low and the demand is high. This surge results in many sellers pushing low-quality saffron into the markets to make a profit.

But we at HANDCRAFT, source our saffron right from the fields of Pampore & Lethpore in Kashmir. We have decades-long associations with saffron farmers who provide us with their valuable and pure harvest of Kashmiri Saffron. We only sell the finest variety of saffron which is called Mongra (Newal).
We obtain pure Mongra Saffron that is dark red in color, with no added chemicals, colors, or preservatives. This makes our premium quality Saffron perfect to be used in any culinary preparation, and a great natural medicine that is great for your health.

How To Check The Authenticity Of Our Saffron?

You can do a water dissolution test to check the authenticity of our Kashmiri Kesar. If after putting the strands of saffron in water, they start to give out color instantaneously, it’s not authentic.

Authentic saffron takes time to spread its color. You can also check the aroma of the saffron you have ordered. It must not be too harsh or too soft. 

Why Should You Buy Our Saffron?

We only list authentic Mongra Saffron from Kashmir, which is the highest quality saffron available in the world. This is why you should buy saffron online from us. Our saffron is 100% pure and is brought directly from the farmers, with absolutely no adulterations. It doesn’t include any edible color or weight and volume-increasing chemicals. 

According to studies, pure and natural saffron is a mood enhancer, a mild aphrodisiac, and a powerful anti-oxidant for nervous disorders and PMS symptoms among others. Kashmiri Saffron or Kesar is considered highly beneficial for pregnant women as well.​

HANDCRAFT Online Store sells premium quality Kashmiri saffron online in India, catering to the larger population and helping them acquire the finest saffron having a heady aroma and immense health benefits.