Lakadong Turmeric

Origin And Source Of Our Product

Lakadong village in Meghalaya, the place of origin, can be credited for the widespread popularity of its turmeric powder. India’s most genuine, aromatic, and flavorful Lakadong turmeric is produced only by local people and small-scale farming organizations in this region of the northeast. In addition, the fact that makes this place so special because Lakadong turmeric has a high curcumin concentration of 8% to 11% which is much more compared to other varieties of turmeric in India.

Lakadong turmeric, which is high in curcumin, has been shown to control and prevent digestive issues in people of all ages as well as reduce the risk of several cancer types. This has lipopolysaccharide, an enzyme that helps the body fight off viral infections and strengthens the body’s natural immune system. Lakadong turmeric powder is also well known for maintaining good skin, improving brain function, and delaying the onset of diabetes.

How To Check The Authenticity Of Our Product?

Put a small amount of turmeric powder on the left side of your palm. For a few seconds, rub the powder with your right thumb. The best powder will stick to your palm and leave a striking orange color behind. Next, slant your left palm so that it is parallel to the ground. You’ll still have a lot of powder sticking to your hand. If most of the powder fell to the ground then you can assume that it might have been combined with other substances, like chalk.

Why Should You Buy From Us?

The world-famous Lakadong turmeric is an anchor component in the beautiful selection of Pure and Natural spices that HANDCRAFT offers. Any meal or delicacy can be improved by adding just a tiny bit of Lakadong turmeric powder by changing its color, texture, flavor, and scent. We aim to source our spices directly from the farmers who put great effort into growing this exclusive spice. The roots of turmeric were meticulously gathered from the Jaintia Hills, the town of Lakadong, and were prepared in Kohima. 

With 8% to 11% curcumin content, our Lakadong Turmeric powder is one of the special selections you can find in our Indian spices section. HANDCRAFT Online Store sells premium quality Turmeric online in India, catering to the larger population and helping them acquire the finest turmeric direct from Meghalaya, has a heady aroma and immense health benefits.