About Us

What is HANDCRAFT Online Store?

HANDCRAFT Online Store is a wholesale shop where you can find high-quality lifestyle products. We aim to provide original and natural products that you would require for gifting or personal use.

Here in this online store, you will find a wide range of handmade products that you choose while you think of gifting someone with some unique gifts. People love receiving natural gifts these days so when you gift these authentic products, they would be delighted with your choice of gifts.

Apart from gifting, you can find products like pure and premium quality Indian spices that would enhance your taste. We always prioritize purity over other things so you can definitely choose our natural products over the similar things available in the market.

With much assurance of the originality of our products, we aim to deliver all the premium quality handmade products to you and your family. As our products are completely eco-friendly, you can use them without harming our environment.

Our Mission & Vision

We started this venture by dealing with bulk products and eventually grew as a major exporter of natural bags and products all over the world. While we were mending our work links with various companies, we thought of individual customers like you. Upon receiving a lot of queries regarding minimal order quantity, we came into the retail area of business where we can directly be connected to our customers.

Our mission is to provide a unique range of handmade products that would step up your lifestyle. As a wholesale shop, we try to focus more on the quality of the products over other things. For us, our clients’ satisfaction with the products is the topmost priority. So when we source our products, our team is utterly conscious of the authenticity of the products.

We aim to bring the best quality products at a wholesale price directly to the comfort of your home. 



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