Marble handicraft items are available in different and attractive designs in various cities of India but handicrafts in Jaipur are rich, cultural and honed through generations of family skills. Jaipur is royal city of Rajasthan and is famous for various marble art and crafts. Marble handicrafts are worldwide famous, for their magnificence and sheer long-lasting shimmer.

Whether you are decorating your home and office or looking for some exceptional and attractive gifts collection, we have some incomparable and exotic collections in our marble handicrafts section that will catch your interest. Here you can find exotic range of handmade marble handicrafts adorned with Meenakari or embossed with Kundan work. This enhances the beauty of these products and allows you to beautifully decorate your living as well as working areas with something elegant. These decorative marble handicraft items are all crafted by skilled craftsmen with extreme precision and intricately designed to provide an exemplary finish to the artifacts. They are also fully polished to provide a smooth and shiny texture, which adds to the attractiveness of these artifacts.

Marble handicrafts are any of a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools. Usually the ‘Marble Handicraft’ this term is applied to traditional techniques of creating marble items. Artifacts of different shapes are very popular among both domestic as well as foreign tourists. You could use these items as a decorative piece for your living or working area and give it an elegant look which will stand out for its beauty. Besides, the stunning pieces of art can also be used for gifting on any occasion. Uniquely designed, these art pieces are truly unparalleled with any other decorative things.