Call it the art of the earth or the art of rural and tribal India; stone engraving is a part of India’s exclusive culture which explains its rich cultural past. It has its origins in the Orissa state of India, a place which is rich in stone temples on which beautiful carvings were made. The current stone carving art is derived from these old carving practices. The stones used for this purpose are some of the best quality stones such as soft stone, serpentine stone, pink stone, sand stone and marble stone. Intricate carvings are by the hand using simple tools. It is an organic form of art stunning in its craftsmanship because of its mesmerizing beauty and simplicity. The art has been passed down by from generations to generations and has yet not ceased to exist.

Soapstone has been used in India for centuries as a medium for carving. The traces of royal fascination for stone are still visible in the intricately carved forts and palaces. Now the focus has shifted to exploring a variety of other stones and articles. Present day craftsmen find small gifts and souvenirs like carved elephants more in demand. The artwork on stone is a combination of carving, inlaying engraving, sculpture and undercut (art of making multi layered decorative items out of one single piece of stone, hollowed from inside). Designs are made by cutting the stone and varying fine patterns on it. In fact, stonecutters and sculptors work hand in hand. The base material of work is marble, soapstone. Use of inexpensive shells instead of semi precious stone make for reasonably priced gift items. At present, this work is limited and enjoys an exclusive foreign demand.

In our stone engraving section, you can find some really unique arts crafted out of a single stone which has been carved using special tools giving it a very ethnic look. Designed with hands and yet with absolute perfection, these items will showcase your classy choice of art. So marvel your home visitors with these beautiful artifacts as an addition to your collection or gift it simply as a lucky charm!