Premium Indian Spices

Indian spices are the essence of our Indian food. The variety of spices that we use is famous all over the world. The spices that we source are used commonly in every household but the question lies in the purity of the spices. So from where do, we get our spices?

Origin Of Our Product

Kerala’s spices are well-known. Kerala takes pride in being the center of Indian spices and has held onto this position for thousands of years. Our products are collected from the farmers or growers of various cities of Kerala like Idduki, Palghat, Alaphuzza, Calicut, etc. Keralan spices are known for their benefits, that not only give food flavor and aroma but also serve as preservatives and have numerous health benefits. Since the beginning of time, spices have always been a necessary component of Indian food. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

At HANDCRAFT Online Store, we try our best to provide the original and pure spices that are directly sourced from their origin. With utter confidence, we assure you the best quality of our products because we take our products directly from the growers of Kerala. As no middleman is involved in the process, our products are totally untouched and provide the best properties to our clients. Through direct contact with the growers or farmers of Kerala, we get everything handled ourselves to preserve the purity of these premium spices. With this, our ultimate goal is to provide you with original, aromatic, pure, and well-packaged spices in the comfort of your home.