Brass Engraving is the practice of incising a design onto the brass metal by cutting grooves into it. This art is a practice which has been followed by the Indian artisans since 3000 B.C. The artifacts as mentioned are made from brass and they are extensively decorated with intricate hand engraved designs in typical Indian style.

India is the largest brassware making country in the world. According to archaeological records, brass was popular in India since the third century BC and most of the handicrafts are made of this metal. Moradabad is famous for flower vases and decorative items. These items are cast through an indigenous method called ‘Para’ that is precisely a mould casting without joints. Nevertheless the brass handicrafts has put Moradabad on the world map is art metalwork. Moradabad is specially noted for its colored enameling and intricate engravings. In fact they continue to dominate the Indian market for engraved flower vases.

In this section, we have some great assortment of flower vases made out of brass and carved with striking designs that would make a great addition to any collection besides making it a very distinctive gift. These pretty vases exhibit sheer elegance and will surely fetch you compliments for your ethnic choice!