Clay Craft is probably one of India’s oldest arts dating back to well over 10,000 years, and yet has been adapted to suit the requirements of the modern with ethnic touch and taste. Clay is one of the most universal materials known to humans. Clay craft has been called the lyric of handicrafts because of its irresistible and universal appeal. There is a wide range of clay crafts in India.

Throughout history traditional Indian artisans have developed the art of forming clay to make objects like diya, diya stands, gift articles, even table tops like pen stands, card holders etc. The most popular clay craft is Ganesha for personal/corporate gifting or as home decor. A very fine quality of clay is selected for making these crafts.

The process of making clay crafts involves some simple techniques. The clay is mixed with water and shaped by either hand or wheel and molded into desired objects. The molded objects are the dried, fired and glazed to give these artifacts durability. Clay is made of water and earth. It is formed into different shapes. Different kinds of clay contain different minerals such as silicon or iron dioxide. The kinds of minerals in clay affect how soft or hard it is to work with. The mineral content of clay also affects the temperature level at which it hardens.

Made by the rural artisans from best quality clay and featuring attractive designs, these handcrafted art forms have an excellent finish. They are sure to make a worthy welcome to your refined home or office shelves and will complement your décor effortlessly.