Kerala Spice Star Anise With Mesmerizing Aroma


Star Anise or Chakri Phool is a major component of our masalas used in the preparation of Indian cuisines. If you prepare your masalas for cooking at home then you must know Star Anise is one the king ingredients of Garam masala. Get authentic quality Star Anise for your Biryani and Pulao while gathering all the rich aromatic essence into your food. 

Want authentic and pure Star Anisefor your kitchen? Then buy today and grab all the goodness of it! 

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Spices are the ultimate essence of our food dishes. The true flavor of the spices can only be felt when they are added in their original and pure forms. With the knowledge of their individual properties, you can easily choose these spices according to your needs.

Star Anise is known for its distinct flavor and a long list of miraculous health benefits. While you wonder about the authenticity of our spices, we should tell you this premium spice is directly collected from the growers in Kerela. Only the superior quality Whole Star Anise Spice Chakri Phool Badiyan are packed by our team and help you savor your food’s authentic taste without any adulteration. You can use this for your cuisines or can prepare your homemade Garam Masla with the pure and original spices available at HANDCRAFT.

So, here are the remedial and unique properties of Star Anise:

  • Provides antioxidants for better brain health
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Improves immune system
  • Improves organ and bone health
  • Provides anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties

HANDCRAFT Online Store is a wholesale shop that deals with a variety of authentic spices in an affordable range. You can select this premium spice to complete your kitchen with the originality and richness of the spices.

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