Hand Peeled Elaichi Cardamom Seeds With Magical Aroma


Elaichi or Cardamom seeds are known for their richness and aroma. These seeds are hand-peeled while keeping hygiene as our top priority. You can add these peeled Elaichi seeds directly to your dishes and add more essence while you enjoy your food. You can also use these authentic Elaichi seeds as a mouth freshener on a regular basis.

Find our pure Cardamom seeds fascinating? Then buy today and grab all the goodness of it!

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You might be using Cardamom seeds in desserts and cuisines by peeling off the seeds manually every time you prepare your food. But what if we make your task way simpler and present you with already peeled cardamom seeds? These seeds are hand peeled from properly checked high-quality Cardamom pods. Our team, keeping hygiene and quality checks as the top priority, gets these seeds directly from the Elaichi growers to avoid any kind of interference and adulteration in the authenticity of the spices.

You can also use 2-3 seeds as a mouth freshener when making a presence in the public. Though our Green Cardamom Seeds Elaichi Dana stand with an epitome of purity, you can use these aromatic seeds without a doubt.

So, here are the remedial and unique properties of Elaichi seeds:

  • A great form of mouth freshener
  • Hand peeled Cardamom seeds in a hygienic environment
  • Can be added to sweet dishes directly
  • Provides antioxidants and reduces blood pressure
  • Reduces liver inflammation
  • Helps with digestive issues and ulcers

HANDCRAFT Online Store is a wholesale shop that deals with a variety of authentic spices in an affordable range. You can select this premium spice to complete your kitchen with the originality and richness of the spices.

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