Best Quality Handpicked Cardamom (Elaichi) 8 mm


Are you a fan of Elaichi tea or love making desserts at home? This Indian spice is one of the most important ingredients for you. Due to its strong, unique aroma and flavor, it is often required for most desserts. You can also put this pure green Cardamom in your tea to enhance the essence and flavor. 

Find this spice a perfect fit for your requirement? Buy Green Cardamom 8mm Online today and get all the goodness of it!

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While whole Cardamoms are available widely, the question lies in their purity. Do you know most of the packed Cardamoms have added artificial green color to attract your attention? But only the freshly plucked cardamoms have the original green color which fades away if not packed properly.

At HANDCRAFT, we keep this in our awareness and carefully pack these Elaichis or Cardamoms in highly protective pouches to keep your spices fresh and pure.

Here are the benefits of Cardamom:

  • best for desserts and cuisines
  • can be added to tea
  • works as a mouth freshener
  • adds anti-oxidants to the body

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