Jute Bag Making Process

Jute Bag Making Process

You could be a retailer of anything from grocery to books to fashion, a winery, a tourist shop, a corporate distributing bags in a seminar or at the launch of a new product, a cosmetics brand, an NGO, a wildlife conservationist, a museum, whatever you do – we have the right bag for you. And in case we don’t, we’ll create it for you. Whatever your preference – whether you want your branding to be subtle or you want it striking and in-your-face – we help you achieve your look and fulfil your purpose. Our dedicated team not only offers a friendly and supportive service, they will listen to all your needs and focus on meeting each of your requirements.


After the jute is woven it is then sent away for lamination. The entire jute roll is laminated with a LDPE lining. The jute is then sent back to the factory.


After dying of fabric is done, it goes to cutting department. Fabric is arranged in layers & cut according to the product pattern . Cut fabric is marked according to product coding & handed over to concerned department for further processing.


Screen printing is done on cut fabric by arranging the fabrics in large printing table. Water based [Azofree on request] colors are used for printing. After the printing is done fabric is left to dry. Then it goes for stitching

Stitching and Finishing

All the body parts such as front back body, gusset, handle of a bag are stitched together in stitching machine.

Checking and Packing

Finished bags are quality checked for any kind of errors. If any error is found then it is mended & rectified.