Hand Woven Basket Bags

Origin Of Our Product

Hand woven basket bags have their own fan base due to their elegant craftsmanship and intricate designs. These bags are also commonly known as Kauna Grass Bags as they are made from 100% natural Kauna grass. The artisans in Manipur started making these bags as a part of their lifestyle but the beauty that these bags hold mesmerized everyone. So to provide you with these beautiful bags, we have a special team in Manipur who take care of our orders constantly.

As we arrange the raw materials for the bags on our own so the quality of the products is maintained. These grass bags are completely woven by hand and take a lot of effort as well as patience. After the products are completed, our team does a thorough quality check of each product, if found any issue the product is immediately sent for rework or rejected.

Why Should You Choose Our Grass Products?

We always aim to provide the best to our clients. This same thought aligns with our selection of products. As we want to bring the best products at an affordable price to the comfort of your home, we provide our products at a wholesale price. To present the highly skillful craftsmanship of our country’s artists, we always try to connect with them directly and bring their creative handwoven products to our clients.

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