Areca Leaf Disposable Plates

Origin Of Our Product

One of our high-quality products is Areca Leaf Plate. Being a nature-friendly, wholesale shop, we try to help a lot of local traders who manufacture these eco-friendly leaf plates themselves. The Areca Leaf Plates, bowls, and spoons are entirely made from shredded dry betel nut leaves.  There are no chemicals or additives used in the entire process. It is 100% chemical free. Also, the whole process leaves significantly less carbon footprint when compared to other disposable alternates in the market. 

These leaves are available in some parts of south Asia. In India, these leaves are available in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Bihar in Plenty. The tradition of eating on leaf plates started way back with our ancestors. We support these small units of artisans who make these leaf plates from remote areas into attractive shapes to meet different customer requirements. We have certain quality guidelines to make these leaf products as effective alternatives when it comes to constructive dining solutions while traveling or at events.

Why Should You Choose Our Disposable Plates?

The artisans who make these disposable plates and bowls from these Betel palm leaves are basically from rural areas and economically backward lifestyles. We at HANDCRAFT Online Store aim to provide an authentic and pure form of products to our clients. So it is a two-way process where we are helping these tribal people have a better form of earning while providing the best quality disposable plates to our potential clients all over the country.

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